drum making

Drum making

The Shaman's Drum is a powerful tool for healing and inducing altered states of consciousness.
Drumming is a connection to the heartbeat of Mother Earth and is a reminder of the natural rhythms of the Universe.
Learn an ancient practice of the Warrior Shaman. It also is the amplifier of intent. It has the power to heal, transform and transport us to new dimensions of our spirit.
Make your own Shaman’s Drum with Barry. As he guides you through the step by step process making your own Medicine Drum.
Gain insights and clarity from within as you make this very powerful healing tool. All materials are supplied and no experience is necessary. Approx 7 hours.
(Drum 340 diameter x 75 deep, other sizes by arrangement)

A few things drum makers need to bring with them:
1. A towel to place wet skins on.
2. Wadding for beater head, an old sock will do perfectly, also bring something to cover the beater head, maybe a piece of leather or tapestry
3. A pillow case to take the drum home
4. A selection of beater sticks about a finger thick (length approx. from your wrist to elbow)

Your Tutor: Barry travels extensively and has spent time with various tribes in America. He was taught drum making by a First Nation Chief and has been running drum making workshops for many years.
He presented drum to the Mongolian Shamanic Association, guest lecturer at NZ Leather Association and played pow wow drum with the First Nation tribes in Canada.

theta healing

Theta Healing

Classes run 3 days consecutive - 9.30 am to 4 pm every day.
On this training course, you learn the art of healer and psychic. Future Reading, Healing, Group Healing, Distant Healing and Distant Readings, Readings in person, Chakras, Belief levels and systems, and how this effects every persons career, health, love relationships, even family relationships.

Your Tutor: Martha is a qualified Instructor in Theta Healing. Come and see exactly why Martha's clients choose to do Theta Healing. This modality takes healing to another level.

There is so much more to this course. Want change? Lets do this!

Connect & Discover

Connect & Discover: Mediumship Training “Unwrap your Gift”

Kia ora koutou katoa, Hello Everyone,

I have had a calling to extend my services to mediumship development / training. This course is suitable for anyone 18 years of age or over wanting to explore developing their confidence as a medium or healer, psychic or modality where your spiritual side is really opening and you experiencing spirit coming through but not sure. If you are new to practicing mediumship similar and feel you could do with some deeper or extra training. You are welcome to register to attend.

This training is not for beginners exploring this side of them or people totally new to spiritual awareness and development. There is another group planned to cater for that stage.
A brief explanation about Mediums - this what we will be achieving:

A Medium is someone who communicates with those who’ve passed over. Mediums pass on messages and aims to provide survival evidence so you can be sure life continues after death. Memories and messages are passed on using psychic faculties of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, & Clairsentience and others. The Medium is a conduit, a channel, they are someone who offers their mind, energy field, and their time to facilitate healing and a virtual reunion of souls.

The purpose of a mediumship reading is to bring Proof of Survival, that there is life after life, confirming life goes on and that our souls are eternal and not bound by earthly rules. The power of love keeps you connected long after you think you lose someone. The Medium’s task is to pass on messages, memories and evidence of their life to you so both get a chance to heal.

The classes are 100% practical and hands on - meaning there are no handouts. I do however strongly encourage writing a journal with this journey. Noting not only during the workshop but between them too as this where some of your greatest learning will be. The classes will be quite structured with room for versatility due to the nature of the subject.

We will be covering:
Developing psychic ability and other senses
Understanding energy
Receiving and Delivering messages
One on one and Platform readings and practice and so much more .... we will be bringing in the Angels later in the course.

This course runs for one year. If you attend the workshops we will be meeting one full day for ten months of this year.
Love Peace Harmony Joy Excitement Adventure Lesley

Know Thyself programme

Epiphany Program

Your Life is yours, You own it!
If you could choose between feeling gloomy and feeling delighted, which one would you choose? If you could choose between feeling sorry for yourself and feeling confident in your ability to make a difference, which would you choose?
Your life is yours. You own it, and what you make of it is purely up to you. Others may support you in your aspirations, but, in the end, it's your creation. You have the responsibility.
Once you accept this responsibility and stop waiting around for others to make you happy, you will become unstoppable. There will be no denying you. Your life will change, all because of you.
Add to the mix your relationship with Spirit / The God of your understanding /Universe/Great Spirit.....what ever name resonates with you.

Love yourself as you are, not as you believe another desires you be

“The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.” Buddha
So, turn on the green light and go!
When you find happiness and success within yourself, you are an authentic person. You know who you really are, without reference to the expectations of peers or society.
To live an authentic life with your spiritual nature in sync within you, freeing yourself from superficial values. You must think for yourself, decide what is right for you and get in touch with your own Soul, your needs and desires.
The delightful fact is that you can choose and you do choose your attitude, every moment of every day. When you're feeling sad or happy or frustrated or assured, it's because you've decided to respond to life in that particular way. 
By feeling lousy you are not going to do anyone any good. Yet by feeling great and putting those feelings into action generating more of what you want might even just lift up others around you and make a positive difference in your world.
But what about those days that are filled with challenges, obstacles, frustrations and pain? Well, if you don't want to feel great about what's going on, you can always choose to feel great in spite of what's going on. No matter what has happened in the past, this moment is filled with positive possibilities. No matter how lousy you may have felt five minutes ago, you can choose to feel great about yourself right now.
And when you genuinely open your eyes and open your heart to all the good things within you & around you that are truly possible, the world around you will begin to resemble those great feelings you have. LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE - COME CELEBRATE ((YOU)) & LEARN TO TAP INTO YOUR SPIRITUAL NATURE, WORKING YOUR MAGIC WITHIN!!

mindful programme


Mindfulness is the awareness that emerges through paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, with curiosity and compassion. It leads to a deeper understanding of life and how to respond wisely.
Have you ever found yourself drifting into faraway unrelated thoughts while engaging with a mindless task in your day........that's exactly what our minds do - drift to the past and the future and miss what's happening now.
Whether at work, amongst friends, hanging the washing or playing with the kids, the mind can wander "Minds have an amazing capacity to take us elsewhere - get us lost in other moments..."While the body is 'here', going just one breath at a time, the mind is usually skipping around from place to place." The Wild monkey jungle !!!
According to Buddhist principles, the “monkey mind” is a term that refers to being unsettled, restless, or confused. ... It is also the part of your brain that becomes easily distracted, so if you want to get anything done in life, your challenge will be to shut down the monkey mind

The first step in doing so is to become grounded and calm the mind—that is, remember to be in the here and now. Being present in this way is called mindfulness
It is an essential state for inspiring the "Know thyself" because it taps into the messages of your heart and soul. Being mindful encompasses awareness and interconnectedness between your inner and outer worlds. If you are more awake and alert, you can more easily receive messages from within as well as from the universe.
Come join me in celebrating YOU & learn how to practice living mindfully.
Cos you truly matter xx



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