The Epiphany Program


At some point in time most people experience a feeling that there is something greater than this world we inhabit. Whether this feeling is inspired by a mystery of science, the awe-inspiring view from a majestic mountain top, or the energy experienced in connecting with others, these moments can be both humbling and grounding. It’s these feelings, the ah ha-moments and experiences which form the foundation of our perception of spirituality.

Have you ever had a moment where you felt as though something wasn't right? or feeling negative chi around someone without knowing why? Have you shrugged it off, dismissing it as illogical nonsense? to realise later your instinct was correct. Intuition is when you know something to be true, but you do not know how you know. The meaning of intuition is a knowing that cannot be explained by fact or thought, but by a deep inner feeling from source.

Albert Einstein said, “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the sacred gift.”

The Epiphany program enables you to connect & work with the wisdom of your forgotten sacred gifts “The intuitive mind” and the wonderful magic that arises within you. We spend most of our time focused outside of ourselves, worrying about what others think about us. We allow the external world to distract us from the reality of this Infinite/Divine intelligence that dwells within us all.

We spend a great deal of time trying to make others see us, but ultimately, we focus on their perceptions, their beliefs, what they may or may not be saying about us and we get upset when we think we are not being seen and when others think unkindly of us. The irony of this is that itis none of our business. We cannot worry about that because it is not within our control.

We are spiritual BEings having a human experience here on earth. So how do we shift our thoughts from outside to our Inner Essence of our BEing? Ultimately, it becomes a choice. We often believe we have no choice; that things happen, and we are constantly dealing with the outcomes of life.
However, within us lies a strength that is infinite!
Although everyone is different my belief is that this ENeRgY field known by many different names such as: Atua, Supernatural being, Universe, God, Soul, Spirit Consciousness, Spiritual guide, Inner wisdom, Jesus, whatever you conceive it to be, yet regardless of the label, it is our deepest most Divine spark. It is perfect and whole as is.

My intention is to guide and empower you to connect with Source, that Inner knowing which is the wisdom we are all able to access in a comfortable, nurturing, and non-judgemental way with support of the wonderful humans surrounding YOU in this course wanting the same as you. Allowing self-love to surge through your BEing, learn how to F.L.Y. (First Love You!)
Reminding & rewiring our minds to seek inwardly (In-to-me-see) Creating intimacy with ourselves while becoming aware of the gifts and wisdom within us.
BEing part of the Unity of community sharing & holding space for each other, allowing others to do the same, it is beautiful medicine. by which I AM confident that the results will not disappoint you.

• You are at the right place right NOW if you desire to step into your self-discovery journey. It is not a coincidence that you are reading this, at this very moment. It is a wink from the universe. Or a slap!... whichever works for you ha-ha.
• Open your arms to embrace the mystery by saying YES! People just like YOU that have the courage to say YES to themselves.

It is a great privilege and an honour to have the opportunity to offer knowledge and support to those who seek it. Sharing with you my life’s experiences with Spirit & my own epiphany moments beyond what I could have imagined.

What people say about this course...

It’s Lisa here I did your epiphany program a few weeks ago. I just want to say a big thank you. Your guidance has help me a lot to move forward. I just loved the little poems and notes you showed us. I feel a lot more in peace and can see clearly about a lot of things. You’re a lovely lady and is dear in my heart. I will never forget what you have shown me and I have already passed on some of the info to some of my close friends that I felt needed to know what I showed them. I hope to see you soon. Take care. Love From Lisa

Annie’s classes have opened my mind to so many more possibilities spiritually. It has helped me to forgive my past and live in the present and you know I’m even thinking & being so positive. Even friends are asking me what I’m on. Thank you Annie, if anything for helping me open doors to so much more. Melody: Hamilton

Annie’s classes have been fantastic. I have become more aware and more conscience of the world around me and my inner self. It gives me so much more awareness of your own personal power. Loved it!! Thanks Annie. Kim : Hamilton 

Annie classes have given me a sense of self that has been missing for a while. I feel blessed that I have experienced her teachings. She has shown laughter is the best medicine. Thank you, Annie. Sue: Hamilton

I was at a dead end in my life, I felt stuck, lonely and lost. Annie’s class has given me hope, tools to help myself, & direction in life. In the last few weeks I feel like I have grown, I am now moving forward thankful for what I have and will have. I feel a lot more joy, I go out more, feel more secure in myself am looking forward to the future. Thank you to Annie for offering such a wonderful course. Rebecca: Hamilton

This course has been very beneficial for me. I have learnt many powerful tools such as meditation and Annie is a wonderful teacher, thanks Annie     Nik : Hamilton

Annie classes helped me to connect to my higher spiritual self, and has given me strength, power, inner happiness greater that I ever thought possible. Now every day is a dream comes true!! Would recommend this course, & its fantastic teacher Annie to all. Sam: Hamilton

Annie’s course has made me more aware that I have the power to choose how to live my life. Being in a negative or positive frame of mind, it’s all up to me. Thanks Annie, you’re a star!! Lisa: Hamilton

Thank you Annie, these classes have opened up my world! I am aware of my thoughts, words, and actions! CHERIE: HAMILTON

From these classes I have gained a calmness that I have not felt for a long time. “I KNOW” how to love myself. I feel like I’m free to be me & know that it is ok. God bless. Diane: Hamilton  

This course has given me, confidence, clarity and inner strength I didn’t even know I had. Jena: Hamilton 

Annie’s course has helped me appreciate the present and relax, which is very important as I have an anxiety disorder. It has also helped me reconnect to my spiritual self.  xx your awesome  Roseanne: Hamilton 

I’ve learned to love me!! To forgive the past & more forward into the future with a positive outlook Thank you Annie. Rachel: Hamilton

This course has focused me on the important things in my life. Its helps me to be aware of what I am putting out into the world and vice versa Thanks you   Nathan: Hamilton