Our People

Annie mindful epiphany programmes


You will find Annie behind the counter in Infinity. She runs our Mindfulness and Ephiphany workshops

Martha theta readings


Want to know what the future holds with a Future Reading, or do you want to clear issues/blocks from the past with a Past life Clearing? Bring forth Healing aligning energies with chakra rebalance and alignment.
Theta Healing sessions are life TRANSFORMING this includes psychic medium reading sessions with the bonus of clearing and reprogramming your energies (Heart & Mind), psychic readings, reprogramming subconscious blocks, clearing all makutu, curses spells and black magic.
With life moving so fast for some and yet slowly for others the key is balance....are you requiring support in any areas of your life? Love or professional spheres, then I can help you with that.
Readings provide insight from your spirit team that consists of your passed over loved ones & Guardian Angel Readings, Universal Cosmic Clearing.
The exciting couples or singles manifesting sessions (also family sessions are available) are so insightful and transformative. Highly recommended if you want to sort out issues pertaining to family or self.
Either way...get yourself booked in and experience the difference
Nga mihi

Sue Xu chinese healing moxibustion

Sue Xu

Chinese Traditional Healing, Moxibustion for weight loss and toxin removal.
Meridian therapy, diagnosis and corrections.

Sue reiki


Usui Reiki Practitoner
Gentle peaceful healings for injuries, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Carolyn mediumship readings


Mediumship - Communicating with loved ones ahd guides
Land Healing through reconciliation
Reiki healer
Intuitive Healing
Past lives
Makutu – Curses

Lyn-Marie Mediumship


I am a Psychic Medium and have been aware of Spirit from a young age.
My focus for you is Spirit (loved ones and guides), and guidance for your journey in this world.
I have a vast spiritual background including Reiki Master training, Spiritual Healing, Massage, Tarot Card Reading, and Cleansing Energy just to name a few. Isn’t it fantastic that in this lifetime we are all continuously learning!
As a Platform Medium, I deliver messages from spirit throughout New Zealand and co host regular Psychic Supper (parties) which are enjoyable afternoons or evenings filled with love, light and messages from spirit. I also co-run a regular spiritual classes and workshops to facilitate your own personal learning.
I offer one-on-one Spiritual readings and Tarot readings from Infinity and at my home via appointment.

Lesley Mediumship readings


The reading and healing sessions I provide help people to Connect and Discover their next move in life. I am a Psychic, Medium, Healer and Matakite. My mission slash task in this life and field of work I have chosen to pursue is to apply and teach from experiences, knowledge, skill, gift and ability from this lifetime, past life times. Of course I have support and guidance from a team of spiritual energies and beings who are many across time, space and dimensions.
I have been doing readings for 25 years now. I am a qualified homeopath, massage therapist, art therapist, Ashavan Healing therapist and attended many short courses and lectures for development which is multi serving in all areas of my life.
Readings can be a mix of everything depending on what is most suited for each person and what they seek, usually more 😊. They vary from psychic to mediumship but usually a blend of both is normal for me. Past, present and future are able to be covered for readings and healing sessions. Also, love, relationship, career, money etc.
Generally, something has happened to cause an effect that requires change and can alter ones beliefs, faith, trust, confidence in self and others. Often discovering and or challenging can be overwhelming and shake our mental, emotional, physical and or spiritually parts of us creating a traumatic experience that tips the balance of comfortability, direction or knowing in life. So then there is a struggle to make sense of the past, present and what the future holds.
Usually, “Healing the Past in the Now for the Future” is generally required when someone comes to me and my spiritual team to receive an energy/spiritual healing. Reviewing the past often reveals triggers and answers questions of why and what is happening in the now that is recurring or limiting and sometimes behavioural patterns or disharmony in the physical body. But not always is that the case. Depending on why a person will determine how I and spirit will work with a person for a reading or healing/energy shift or clearing. Some people only require an energy clearing for stuff that is going on in the now more so and need a little energy cleansing/clearing to lift their energy.
Everything is Energy and Energy is Everything … so my knowledge, skills and abilities involves of course assisting people to connect and discover their truth, their power within thus creating a shift in perception and awareness of mind, body, spirit and or soul to allow the release of anything that doesn’t serve for the highest good of one and all concerned - with the guidance of God, Jesus, my Guides and Helpers, Angels, Tupuna and Ancient healers and Multi Dimensional and Star families and of course the knowledge, skill and a variety of techniques and tools I have accumulated along the way in my life.

Lucille Card Readings


I’m a Card consultant or card reader of tarot, oracles, playing cards and lenormand I have been reading cards for over 15 years.
My preferred reading tool is the lenormand oracle. This oracle is not well known in New Zealand, but was a popular method of fortune telling originating in France over 200 years ago. It is a deck of 36 cards and the traditional spread is the Grand Tableau utilising all 36 cards that fall into houses (36), covering all areas of your life and more. There are many techniques to reading this spread.
We will determine what areas of life and people you want to get insight into, before we lay the cards out, and then see where they fall in the spread. It can be very insightful , so if you want to experience a traditional card reading, then let me entertain you.
My other areas of interest, are Access Bars Healings, Magnetic healing (hands on) and Psych-K facilitation.



Living Beyond Distraction
Access Consciousness Facilitator and Practitioner
The Bars
Energetic Facelift
Body Processes
Abuse Hold (unlocking abuse from the body)
Healing Modalities
Angelic Reiki
Energy Healing Past Life Healing
Light Language/Blue Print Activation/Reading (akashic records)
Empowering People to Know What They Know



Melissa Taylor is the Founder and Intuitive Counsellor at Future Transcendence and supports people with finding out who they are on a soul level and clearing blocks to living their best life. Her mission is to empower people to align with their soul purpose and live their full potential in this lifetime.
Do you know why you are here? Melissa is certified to deliver Soul Purpose Readings where you will discover your talents, goals, lessons / karma and soul destiny through an ancient system of numerology and Hebrew language. A Soul Purpose Reading will decode your birth name and other names to understand the life you are creating. Do you have challenges that are hard to shift? Melissa is certified to give Grace Healing sessions for any mental, emotional, physical or spiritual issues that need energy healing due to past or present life issues. Challenges in health, career, financial or relationships can be cleared with Grace Healing.
Grace Healing is a unique form of healing as it works to heal every cell in your body and removes any conscious, subconscious and hidden issues and blocks. Negative and abusive programming is removed. People receive healing for the most stubborn problems in their life. This healing is very effective in both in-person and remote sessions.

Wendy recode spirit aroma code


ReCode Spirit Healer
Do you fully believe your positive affirmations about yourself or do you get a yer nah, not quite at 100%
Do you want freedom from anxiety, fear, insecurity, hopelessness, disempowered, no voice, victim, depression, rejection, anger, hate ….
Do you feel like your life keeps repeating a negative cycle, like bad things always happen.
Are you hungry and desire change?
Lets ReCode you back to the authentic God created YOU - reset and create again from a place of wholeness and oneness!

Aroma ReCode Healing
The beautiful herbaceous fragrances of Young Living’s Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, combined with targeted light massage techniques and distinctive energy approaches creates Young Living's Raindrop Technique.

Renee energy healing


Energy Reiki Healer/Reader working with spirit to bring Wairua-spiritual wellness and guidance
Helping one to awaken their own inner spiritual connection
Koauau Sound Healer
Koauau-wooden flute

Vicki flower essences


First Light Flower Essence Remedies with reading
Sound Healing (Tibetan Singing Bowls/Light Language Healing)
Reiki Healer
Light Language Healer

Astraea Contact care tarot readings


“ConTact C.A.R.E” - hands-on, Common-sense Approach to Real Ease. May work effectively with: - Headaches/Migraines
- Breathing Disorders
- Cranial Tension
- Old Unresolved injuries
- Carpal Tunnel
- Co-ordination Problems
- Post-op Rehabilitation
- Mental/Emotional Shock
- Depression - caused by chest cavity impacts
- Sports Injuries
Tarot readings
Astraea currently resides in Melbourne, Australia but often visits to take care of clients in New Zealand but unable to at present due to COVID-19 restrictions