Basic Energy Management

Energy Management Basics

- Have you been experiencing tiredness and heaviness in your physical body?
- Have you noticed any hard to explain spiritual or psychic disturbances or disruptive behavioural patterns?
- Do you have weak boundaries and strange dreams?
- Energy attachments can be very draining for the person experiencing them.

Energy attachments may lead to health issues, mental instability and addictions.
When you manage and protect your energy with easy to apply tools on a daily basis, your physical, emotional, and spiritual health thrive. When you master your energy, you accelerate your life purpose and timelines.
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Learn the fundamentals about:
- Energy and Self Awareness
- Identifying Intrusive Energies – understanding these and the common symptoms can help you to recognise when there’s other energies impacting yours or another's energy
- Energy Management and Protection. Learn strategies to keep your energy strong so you can thrive in your life.
This is an interactive session and you will leave with tools in your toolkit to support you manage and protect your energy every day and that’s gold.
This workshop is ideal for empaths, healers, therapists, hospital professionals, and paramedics.

Workshop date Saturday 10 April, 10:00am – 12:00pm