Our Story

Infinity was born in 2006 when Barry (who was on a Spiritual journey at the time) took ownership of a books and crystal shop.  It was always his intention to have a haven for like minded people, somewhere that truth seekers could go and what ever was said it would not be ‘strange’ or they could get answers to their questions.

Over the years so many people have been guided to them – the seekers, the down-hearted and the plain scared.

In June 2008 Infinity moved from a temporary premise to a bigger shop, somewhere they could hold classes, films, seminars, concerts, training courses and festivals.  All along the way the right people have been put in place to carry the mission along.  People associated with the shop are all the most excellent people you could wish to meet to give answers to your questions and give the guidance you need.

In June 2019 a new chapter was started.  After 11 years at the old address Infinity moved to an even bigger premise. The Native American Indian you often saw on Anglesea Street has a new home just 100 metres down the road.  The dream is ever evolving.  

With a bigger premise there are more products, healers and classes and of course Spiritfest (3rd Saturday each month, unless advertised differently).

So if you are passing be sure to drop in and say Hi, you never know what you will find….

Infinity - Waikato’s Largest Crystal Shop, Healing  and Spiritual Centre!!

Barry and singing bowls
Infinity on the move

The Voice Within

For many years Barry has hosted a weekly radio show on Free FM. – Independent Community Media.

Talking openly with guest speakers, the show explores new age beliefs and covers all things spiritual.

Join Barry weekly on Thursdays from 1pm

The Voice Within
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